On 17/01/13 17:18, Alex Vergara Gil wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have line graphs generated in R, where each line is in a different colour 
>> (the colours are 
>> generated in R by using rainbow(8)).
>> Due to space problems in the graph, I can not put the legend into the grapgh 
>> itself, but want
>> to put it into the caption. Therefore I would like to reproduce the colours 
>> in LaTeX. I know
>> how to set the text colour via LyX to one of the pre-defined colours, but 
>> hjow can I set them
>> to these specific colours?
>> In addition, I would like to have the colours as filled squares in the text 
>> - any
>> suggestions?
> Oh you mean by adding \textcolor{yourcolor}{$\blacksquare$yourcaption} in an 

Perfect - thanks.

Now I just have to figure out how to translate the colour codes in R into LaTeX 
readable. The
eight colours in R are:

"#FF0000FF" "#FFBF00FF" "#80FF00FF" "#00FF40FF" "#00FFFFFF" "#0040FFFF"
"#8000FFFF" "#FF00BFFF"



> Regards
> Alex

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