On 21/01/13 22:50, Julien Rioux wrote:
On 21/01/2013 8:31 AM, Rainer M Krug wrote:

I am using plantuml to create uml charts in a document, defined formats
and converters and it works nicely. Plantuml has different output
formats, among others png, eps and svg.

I have converters from eps to pdf (epstopdf) and from svg to pdf

Both these go through to steps:

             |-> .eps -> .pdf(pstopdf)
..plantuml ->|
             |-> .svg -> .pdf(pstopdf)

Now LyX chooses to go via .svg, which, based on the internals of
plantuml, does not make much sense. I can obviously delete the
conversion plantuml -> svg, and LyX will go the other way, but then the
preview in LyX is of much worse quality (no idea why).

So why does LyX choose to go via svg?

Because it uses .svg in the editor view if possible, otherwise .png or 
something else.

OK - but the conversion in the editor is independent of the one for the 
compiled document, I assume?

Is there a way to trick it into going via eps?

Given two paths, LyX will choose a path that only goes through vector formats 
if possible, and the
shortest path. Given that both your paths are equivalent based on these two 
points, I am not sure
what breaks the tie in the end. You can probably trick LyX by marking .svg as a 
non-vector format.

Could work. But for me it works with removing the plantuml -> svg conversion.




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