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>> Just one word of caution: if you can see the text on screen, you can
>> extract it by taking a screenshot and using ocr (optical character
>> recognition) and nothing will stop you. So this just makes it slightly
>> more difficult to get the text.
> What's more, if I'm not wrong, encryption depends on the reader having
> support, so you can effectively render encryption useless by using a
> very old reader and PDF format. Even GhostScript lets you bypass
> encryption, though not intentionally.

I might be wrong, but I think even okular had an option (!) to enable or
disable to respect the restrictions.

> It's really all about preventing frequent abuse of documents by lay
> people. Someone with the intent _will_ get your text somehow or
> another. There are many tools that person could employ.

Absolutely - but I think the problem are not the lay people, but rather
the "expert copier" who knows how to do it.



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