On 20/09/2013 3:58 a.m., Guido Milanese wrote:
Dear Experts,
I am not a regular user of LyX, but I do suggest this excellent
programme to my students for their thesis/dissertation and the result is
normally very good. Personally, I prefer using LaTeX directly.

I use Biblatex with LaTeX and I was making some experiments with LyX to
see what I can suggest to my students. I followed the instructions given
on http://wiki.lyx.org/BibTeX/Biblatex and it's all right on my xubuntu
13.04 Linux box, provided you accept some problems with the 'verbose'
styles. I tried the same files on Windows and (despite putting the bib
file on the regular biblio directories, in this case the 'base' folder)
I can't obtain a PDF with the citations in order. I am puzzled because I
exported the file as a TEX file, run biber, but even there I could not
get the desired result.

I am not familiar with Windows, I'm afraid, but I'm sure that it is
simply a PATH problem. I also tried to use the current directory asinput
folder for the BIB file, but I could not deal with the '/' or '\'
problem. I read some threads about this but could not solve the issue.
I tried:
* C:\soandso\soandso\file.bib
did not work because it was interpreted as a command
* "C:\soandso\soandso\file.bib"
no success either
* C:/soandso/soandso/file.bib
did not find the file

If a minimal file can be useful I'll upload it.
Many thanks for your kind attention and for this splendid programme!

guido, italy

On Windows Vista, in the preamble of a document I worked on recently, I have two lines that essentially are


I think you are missing the \addbibresource. Alternatively, I think you can place your bibliography, file.bib, in your texmf tree and dispense with the path in that case (but you still need the \addbibresource).


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