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Dear lyxers!
Is there a better way to switch between enumerated lists from a); b) ... to 1.; 2. ... and so on without the need of the tex hack \renewcommand{\labelenumi{alph | roman | arabic{enumi}} ) | . | .- | - } ???
Shouldn't there exists a gui to handle this???

The Customized Lists module contains some lists to do this. You can easily add moreby following the same pattern. I'mattaching my hacked version.



Where do I put this file to use it? I am using on a mac running 10.9.2.

Put it in the layouts/ subdirectory of your user directory. You can find out where that is from the About LyX menu entry. Then reconfigure, and choose this module in Document>Settings. There's a simpler version of the module already installed.

Also, I would like to use the inline option with enumitem, but when I try to load it in the LaTex Preamble I get a conflict with what LyX does to load the enumitem package. Is there a work around?

Try putting inline as a class option. Alternatively, in Local Layout, put:
    Provides enumitem 1
This prevents LyX from loading enumitem, and then you can load it yourself with whatever options you want.


PS Keep such discussion on the list, in case others were hoping to see the answer.

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