On 05/05/2014 06:27 AM, Bieniasz wrote:


About a year ago I asked about the problem that I have while using
the svmono class. I have done some additional tests and it seems
to me that there must be some bug in the LyX template for svmono.
So, if the author of this template reads my message, I would appreciate
some help. The problem is as follows:

I need to use the font \boldsymbol in the equation editor.
This font is properly visible under LyX, but when I generate a pdf
file, then the font looks identical as the standard equation
editor font (that is the letters are not thicker). I suspect that
this is a bug in the svmono LyX template, because the problem does
not occur in the default document template of LyX, that is when the svmono
class is not used. In the latter case the font looks properly in pdf files.

I hope there is some way to fix this problem ?

Do you know if the problem arises simply using LaTeX? Sometimes particular classes,
especially for journals, do redefine LaTeX commands, such as \boldsymbol.


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