On 2014-05-08, Bieniasz wrote:
> Richard Heck <rgheck <at> lyx.org> writes:

>> Do you know if the problem arises simply using LaTeX?

> I have wasted a whole day trying to figure out the origin
> of the problem, and here are my conclusions:

> I think now that this is not a problem with svmono, but a general
> problem with LaTeX fonts. The svmono class assumes as default the
> Serif / Times Roman fonts. The \boldsymbol command does not work
> for this font. 

Yes, no bold math is a known (and documented) limitation of the standard 
LaTeX package for Times fonts.

> Although the bold+italic combination is properly visible
> under Lyx in the math equations, it does not appear in pdf files,
> supposedly because there are no suitable fonts. 
> All other fonts do not exhibit this deficiency, and \boldsymbol
> works OK for them.

There are other font packages with the same limitation.

> I have a feeling that this problem should be widely known,
> so that I am surprised that noone has been able to respond
> constructively to my messages. 

This may be due to the type of question. I never used the svmono class and
have no idea what it is or which packages it (in turn) requires.
Also, as this is a LaTeX limitation, the LyX list is less likely to bring an
adequate answer. I know that this is not you fault, but maybe it can explain
you the nonresponsiveness.

> Or, maybe there are better solutions?

There are better solutions: there are a number of alternative font
packages for Times-compatible maths. 

I recommend http://www.ctan.org/pkg/newtx (although I don't like its
integral sign).

A (German) survey can be found at

In LyX these packages could be specified in the user preamble. I don't know
if there may be problems in use combined with svmono, if yes, please post a
minimal example.

> Someone suggested to use the isomath package, but this gives
> a worse result, in my opinion, than the above solution, as for the
> Serif / Times Roman fonts the bold form does not appear in pdf.

Whiel isomath cannot solve the font problem if there is no font, I still
recommend it for reasons obvious to any reader of the documentation ;-)


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