On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 5:10 PM, Patrick Dupre <pdu...@gmx.com> wrote:

 >> > Every time that I have an opne document and that I want to open a new
>> > one (open recent). I get an error:
>> > SIGSEGV signal caught!
>> > Sorry, you have found a bug in LyX, hope you have not lost any data.

Does this only happen if you use Open recent? If so, does it happen if
you use open recent on a very simple ("hello world") document?

Can you try renaming your ~/.lyx (or ~.lyx2.1 or whatever) and then
restarting LyX? Note that this will temporarily remove all preferences
(e.g. keybindings) you've set. You can always move the folder back.
After you do that can you reproduce the problem?

I'm on Linux also. Actually in this type of situation (and most
related to LyX), the Linux kernel probably is irrelevant. More
relevant is which distribution, which version of LyX, and how did you
install LyX (compile yourself, download a package, or use a package



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