Patrick Dupre wrote:

>  unusual contents found: [Unknown [sub [mathrm [char N mathalpha][char O
>  mathalpha]] [char 2 mathalpha]]]

This means that LyX does not understand a math formula of that document. My 
first geuss would be that it has nothing to do with the OS our how you 
compiled LyX. This looks like a serious issue to me, which we need to 

Could you please file a bug report at and attach the document? If you 
can't publish it, you could also send it to me privately and I'll have a 
look, but without having the original document its is nearly impossible to 
investigate these kinds of bugs. If the document is really secret please do 
a bisection in with LyX 2.0.x and try to reduce it (removing first half of 
the document, seer if that fixes the problem, if yes continue with second 
half etc) until you find the formula which causes the problem.


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