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On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 11:41 AM, Rudi Gaelzer <>

> Dear Jacob.
> What I want and need is a means to implement the math ENVIRONMENTS defined
> by the mathtools package and that are not explicitly supported by LyX.
> Specifically for multiline equations.  LyX supports the standard AMS inner
> and outer environments, such as align (outer) and aligned (inner).
>  However, multline is only an outer env in the standard AMSmath.  The
> mathtools pack defines the corresponding inner multlined environment, and
> it seems that there is no way to use it other than ERTing the math input
> (see attached file).

Hi Rudi,

It looks like I did indeed misunderstand your question initially. As you
demonstrated in your example file, it is indeed possible to use ERT to
accomplish what you wanted. The main thing (if I understand correctly now)
is that you would like to avoid the need to ERT math, which basically
defeats the purpose of LyX's math editing tools (and preview). I was able
accomplish what *I believe* you were looking for using the environ package.
Basically, you can re-define an environment. In the attached example, I
re-defined the multline* environment to use the multlined environment
instead. You could easily include a box if desired. See the attached
example. The magic is in the preamble:









I hope this helps,


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