Dear all,

i am using Lyx 2.1.0 on Arch Linux x86 and i hope that somebody out there can help me :). Google told me nothing helpful.

I am trying to export a document (class: article) to pdf. There are some listings with greek characters and degree signs the appendix of this document. ( Insert->Program Listing, Insert->File(plain text) )

If i try to export this document via pdflatex it tells me that there is no representation for these characters in the current encoding. After confirming with 'OK' the export gets done and all mentioned characters are missing.

Using LuaTeX or XeTeX there are no dialogs, but some "Error ... UTF-16 ..." are displayed in the status line for a second. Afterthe export is done the greek characters are missing and the degree-sign is represented as an 'ř'.

What i am doing wrong and how can i fix it?

Thanks in advance!


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