Hi lyxers!


I have lyx 2.1.2 in both Windows 7 x64 and Ubuntu 14.04 x64, it runs fine
when installing. Now my work depends a lot on python, specifically on python
3.4 which is the default in both of my systems. I have managed to run python
scripts within lyx and then the problem arises: lyx have its own bundled
python distribution in windows, so every python script runs in the bundled
version which is python 2.7, so my scripts doesn´t run on windows. I tried
to change the default python version in lyx so it is forced to us python3
and then it crashed because a lot of its default scripts doesn´t run anymore
(ie, the reconfigure.py script). I know in linux there is both python 2.7
and 3.4 living together and you can select between them, but in windows I
can´t manage to achieve this behavior.


My questions are exclusive (or not)


1.       Is there a plan to move everything to python3 so we can finally
forget the old python2?


2.       Is there a way to have both python3 and bundled python version in
lyx living together in windows? Any hints?


Best Regards


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Alex Vergara Gil

MSc Nuclear Physics

Center for Radiation Protection and Hygiene

Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory

Havana, Cuba


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