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> The major thing about Disk + is that it allows for changing file folders.
> This means that a huge library of programs could be organized. Now, there
> are also products available that a usb memory stick can connect to that
> allow for a serial connection to transfer files back and forth (however,
> the usb stick would have to be formatted on a more modern computer before
> use). These devices take in simple commands for creating, updating, and
> deleting files. Is it possible to use an M100 emulator and the ROM file of
> Disk + to 'map' the instructions that are used for create, update, delete?
> Then look at the ROM code and change those commands to match those of  the
> serial to USB device?   Note: Disk+ and the usb to serial devices allow for
> changes in baud rates.   Thoughts?

Yes... and LaddieAlpha already supports the directory extension. So with
TS-DOS, LaddieAlpha, and say, a Raspberry Pi, you can access a directory
tree of files plugged in via a USB-stick.

There are some changes, systemd and udev (hotplug) scripting that would be
advisable to set LaddieAlpha to run better as a daemon and to deal with the
USB drive and serial usb device (if one is being used) plugging and
unplugging. But it should work as-is if you simply launch it interactively
while the USB drive is connected.

-- John.

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