Ok, here’s my first set of questions for the list :)

I have a TRS-80 Model 102, a USB 2 Serial Adapter and a Null Modem Cable. The 
connection seems to be working but I’m having some issues. I’m trying to use 
TEENY.EXE. The documentation says that when run on the PC and connected to the 
102 with the NULL Modem Cable, that it will install the TEENY code required to 
the Model 100/102. When I did this, the 102 woke up and started to transfer 
something and I got an error. This pretty much tells me that my serial 
connection is working. From the instructions, it seemed that TEENY.EXE would 
find the port and connect which it apparently did…however since I got errors, I 
suppose that COM settings may not be correct. Here’s what I see on the 102.

I ran “COM:98N1ENN per the docs on the 102.
TEENY was run on the PC
The 102 then got a ?DS Error
 and at the bottom it shows:

File Load Save Run  List        Menu

At this point, 102 appears to be locked up, I’m assuming it’s waiting for COM 
input but I can’t get it to break out. F8,  doesn’t do a thing and Power OFF/ON 
doesn’t do it either.

This brings me to another question. Without resetting and loosing what’s stored 
in Memory, is there some way to break out of Lockups like this?

My main Goal is to use my NULL cable to transfer files/programs back and forth 
between the PC and the 102 with software without upgrading the ROM. What’s 
simplest way to do this?

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