I was not thinking of PI, built way too many projects on that platform and 
would prefer another non RTOS  option :) So removable SD card would be a fine.

The powering would be optional either bus or USB.

I fixed the Model M100 problem by using a ZIF socket in the IC socket.  This I 
think was the original way the DVI was sold at least based on my review of the 
docs for the DVI.  But yes that is a pain.

I use my LPT port for an OPL2 card and not sure I want to reuse the port.

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I actually disagree with a couple of these, especially if the solution involves 
a RaspPi

   * SD Card ... this would only sort-of be like TPDD2.  The SD card isn't 
really removeable when Linux is booted because it contains the Linux filesystem.

   * Model T Powered  ... again, not so much.  It should have it's own 120 
power connection
   * System Bus Port.  The system bus connection a different form factor for 
the different models, and the M100 has a fragile DIP connector.  My design for 
TDock used / uses the LPT port (and then provides a replacement "pass-thru" LPT 
port on the TDock PCB to connect a real printer).


On 2/14/18 9:04 AM, Fugu ME100 wrote:
So let’s help Josh theorize,  what should the  Dock have? :-)

  *   SD Card (TPPD2 alternative)
  *   RTC (for FAT support)
  *   WiFi (networking)
  *   VGA (use an HDMI adapter if needed)
  *   Keyboard PS/2 (in case of broken main keyboard, personal need)
  *   USB for power and OTG
  *   Sound (beyond just a buzzer)
  *   Model T powered on 100, 102 and 200
  *   Ribbon cable or direct plug in to the System Bus Port

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I'm quite interested in what amounts to a M102 docking station. Not that it 
matters much since I probably won't find time to work on (or even theorize 
about) such a project any time soon. But I'm super willing to join on to any 
team willing to attempt it :)


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