Willard, thanks for the confirmation that it’s not something inherent to
trying to use REX and BCR at the same time.  That would be sad, because I
like my REX...  I think I got the driver off Club 100 and transferred It
with MComm.  I have the original cassette, too, but haven’t tried it.

Poke and reboot - could you tell me more, so I’ll get it right..?  :)
 Thanks.  Otherwise, I’d just end up doing CALL 63012 a couple of times,
perhaps not the desired / required steps.  Thanks again.

Best wishes,

On Friday, March 2, 2018, Willard Goosey <goo...@sdc.org> wrote:

> sorry losey on screen keyboard here..
> BCR+REX work fine on my m100.
> Sugest you reload the .CO files... known good versions are on club100
> REX doesn't leave anything in ram the bcr drivers dont mess with rom.
> when a rexed m100 crashes it is normal to boot up with the lasr rom
> selected, do the poke & reboot dance to get rexmgr back
> willard
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