It might be best to simply do a cold reboot  make sure there is nothing hanging 
around in memory to cause problems.    Then start the REX and BCR drivers.

There are some applications that will not work with REX because of how it 

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Willard, thanks for the confirmation that it’s not something inherent to trying 
to use REX and BCR at the same time.  That would be sad, because I like my 
REX...  I think I got the driver off Club 100 and transferred It with MComm.  I 
have the original cassette, too, but haven’t tried it.

Poke and reboot - could you tell me more, so I’ll get it right..?  :)  Thanks.  
Otherwise, I’d just end up doing CALL 63012 a couple of times, perhaps not the 
desired / required steps.  Thanks again.

Best wishes,

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sorry losey on screen keyboard here..

BCR+REX work fine on my m100.

Sugest you reload the .CO files... known good versions are on club100

REX doesn't leave anything in ram the bcr drivers dont mess with rom.

when a rexed m100 crashes it is normal to boot up with the lasr rom selected, 
do the poke & reboot dance to get rexmgr back


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