I forgot to add that there can be reasons for preferring either the Mac  App 
Store version or the Developer's web page version.  The Apps that support  
Cloud Syncing (e.g., 1Password 4) may exclusively have this feature through the 
Mac App Store version.  On the other hand, apps that require more control of 
your computer, like TextExpander, can't meet the sandboxing requirements that 
are needed for apps that are in the Mac App Store.  So the version of 
TextExpander for Mac in the Mac App Store is version 3.4.2, while TextExpander 
4, which supports many new features, like filling in forms, can only be sold 
outside the Mac App Store.  There was a MacWorld article last year in June 
titled "TextExpander 4 adds new features, but must leave the Mac App Store."

On Dec 19, 2013, at 10:55 AM, Esther  wrote:

> The advantages of checking a developer's web site for purchasing software are 
> that:
> 1. They may offer special sale pricing, especially for upgrades
> 2. They may have free trial downloads
> 3. They may have special educational discount pricing

HTH.  Cheers,

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