I have been a beta tester for Yosemite and over time have installed all the 
betas from beta 1 through beta 7. 

Does this mean that I am now on the official release of Yosemite? The about 
this Mac menu item does not show any build number. It just says Mac OS 10.10. 
Software update says that no updates are available. 

Just to be sure I did try installing Yosemite from the App store but it said 
that Mac OS 10.10 was already installed and that I should check for updates. 
However it also gave me the option to install a fresh copy of Mac OS 10.10. 

So I did that but to my surprise and annoyance it took me back to Yosemite beta 
1! I did not want to go through installing all the other betas so instead 
restored a superduper! backup of Yosemite beta 7. 

So do I now have the official released of Mac OS 10.10? Is there any way to be 
sure? If not what should I do? 

Many thanks. 

Paul Hopewell
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