This list is not being ran by Googlegroups. So, I'm not sure that reporting it there would do any good.


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Sent: Sunday, May 24, 2015 2:36 PM
Subject: Re: [Mac-Access]: Ladies & Gentlemen, We Are Back!

We should not have to route the message too drunk to get off of the list. All that does is fill up your junk folder. I have tried several times to remove myself using the proper steps. However, it does not work. I do not know who or where the moderators are, but they should be removing peoples addresses from the list sent several people have said that the steps to remove themselves are not working. I have not received email from this list in over six months. I thought the list had been deleted. Of course, if I wanted to be a pain in the ass, I could report this group to Google groups. Whomever the moderators are, simply remove me from this list and I will forget this ever happened.

And just a note, if you report these messages as junk, and a Knouff people do it, then they will start going into everybody's junk folder.

Jimmy Podsim.
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On May 24, 2015, at 1:28 PM, Eleanor Martha Burke <> wrote:

I am not having this problem of multiple emails. A possible suggestion to you guys is you route your unwonted mail to junk or you make up some message rules to stop it coming into your inbox.

On 24 May 2015, at 19:25, Maireadomahony <> wrote:

Please remove my email from this list. I am getting far to many emails from it and most of them i am receiving multible times.

Mairead O Mahony

On 24 May 2015, at 18:00, Angela Delicata <> wrote:

Please, remove me as well.
Thanks in advance.
Angela from Italy

Il 24/05/2015 13:43, sadam ahmed ha scritto:
Hi Gordon,

I am writing this email to ask you to remove me from this list.

If you could remove me as soon as possible it would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,

Sadam Ahmed


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