Well, I know one thing, wasn't that the site where they were selling their Take Control books? Need I say more?


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I was wondering that myself. The page is rather odd. I guess Gordon has a lot more then a few bugs to work out.
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You know what is stranger about all this?

Try just going in a browser to


and look at what comes up.

Unless I typed it wrong, but I don't think I did, I get this weird webmail configuration server page. Now, how bizarre is that!


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I have tried both of those I have also tried it with the word leave. None of them seem to work. I do not even get a response from the server.

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Goodness, gracious!

OK?  How about this!

Try to unsubscribe by doing:


In the subject, and the body both, type the word

I can't promise that'll work, but it's worth a shot.

If that doesn't work, try:


Unfortunately, that's all I got.


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