Wut? What're you using then, if not an IPhone? An Android device? If so, way! cool!


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I to want unsubscribed from this list.  Both of my macs are sold.  I
do not nor want an IPhone ever.  So please remove me from this list.
yes, I am an android user "team android all the way."

On 5/26/15, jazzyjennifer <jwens2...@gmail.com> wrote:
can someone please un subscribe me from this list. i would do it. but
there is no links at the bottom of emails of links on this email list.

my skype is jwens1000 and when adding me to skype, please mention where you
found me at, other wize you will not be added.

twidder is jwens1000

and for those of you dice world players out there my dice world is
i play everything except ballot.

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