--- M D <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Speaking of which, I've been preoccupied with vMac
> for PPC over the past
> 24 hrs. A lot of fun in a time wasting sense :) Just
> installed SSW 7.0.1 whoo hoo.

I was just given a real 1meg Mac Plus for free. :)
Has an Ehman 30+ hard drive to sit on top of.
System 6.0.7 installed.

I need to dig around for some 30 pin SIMMs and have at
R8 and R9 with a pair of wire clippers. :)

Have you tried Basilisk II? The Quadra 650 ROM is
the best for it, even allows booting off a real
CD-ROM. It can also use a real Mac formatted SCSI
hard drive, or an IDE drive on Windows with the
setup right to make Windows think it's "SCSI".
(Which it does for most PCI IDE controllers.)

It will be total Fandemonium!
Nampa Civic Center, August 5th to August 7th, 2005!

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