Gregg Eshelman wrote:
> --- M D <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> <clip>
>> Speaking of which, I've been preoccupied with vMac
>> for PPC over the past
>> 24 hrs. A lot of fun in a time wasting sense :) Just
>> installed SSW 7.0.1 whoo hoo.
> I was just given a real 1meg Mac Plus for free. :)
> Has an Ehman 30+ hard drive to sit on top of.
> System 6.0.7 installed.

Hi Gregg [I'll try to get the quoting corrected in this post].

Lucky you :) That's a good score. I had a real Plus for a while but also
had a hand in it's demise :(

In vMac PPC's favor, 4 display settings: 512 x 342, 640 x 480, 800 x
600, + full screen. From there on it's underwhelming, no networking, no
 CD AFAIK, no [physical] floppy drive AFAIK... The real thing is much
nicer. Should be good for the Scarab of Ra tho :)

> I need to dig around for some 30 pin SIMMs and have at
> R8 and R9 with a pair of wire clippers. :)

This is where I think I killed my Plus, I installed 9 chip 1 Mb SIMMs
pulled from a PC... the result was not good. My fault. blew the analog
board. Good luck with yours and tread lightly while you go.

> Have you tried Basilisk II? The Quadra 650 ROM is
> the best for it, even allows booting off a real
> CD-ROM. It can also use a real Mac formatted SCSI
> hard drive, or an IDE drive on Windows with the
> drivers
> setup right to make Windows think it's "SCSI".
> (Which it does for most PCI IDE controllers.)

Now a working Q650 I do own. It currently has an Apple PPC 601 PDS card
installed. The 650's ROM file lives on in my P4, and I run it under
Basilisk II, at a speed somewhat faster than the original 650 :) I
prefer using SSW 7.1.1 [Pro] on this. Not much in the way of B2
development happening these days it seems, though Gwenole Beauchesne
announced an update to the JIT compile a week or so back [Linux only].


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