Gregg Eshelman wrote:

How do I jet this joystick to work with games?

I tried it with OS 9.1 on a 7300, had the Game
Sprockets extentions installed and a couple of the
games there are default configurations for.

It wouldn't work and it also would not let me edit
the configurations.

To be honest I have no idea.

You might try ADB Parser 5.0.7 or you may have some luck with JoyManager SDK 1.2 Your joystick is not mentioned in either.
I found both programs after buying a ADB gamepad without the software (Game Sprockets didn't help there either). Both are over my head and I ended up finding the software I needed.

Selective plug and play. :)

370k attachment if you'd like them sent, I'm only guessing they may help.

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