--- Darren <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Simple question.
> Do flash cards work under 98SE?
> We have one that works fine under the Classic OS and
> OSX and XP...
> Someone has asked me why the flash card at work
> doesn't show up at home 
> under 98SE, I suggested it may have been formatted
> with NTFS as such 98 
> wouldn't see it, guessing it to be a windows default
> but I dont use the things so dont really know.

Check out this site.

Do a search on the forums for Native USB. Some
clever person figured out how to "transplant" the
Windows ME USB support drivers over to 98SE. Why?
So that any device that meets the "USB Mass Storage"
specifications will be truly Plug-n-Play with 98SE.
That leads to a more stable system because you no
longer need a unique manufacturer driver for each
USB device you use. (Things like scanners, printers,
speakers and anything that's NOT like a "disk drive"
will still require their own drivers.)

But wait, there's more! Even more clever people have
figured out how to "transplant" over 600 system files
from Win ME and Win XP SP2 into 98SE. Why? To make it
faster and more stable, assimilating the better bits
of later versions without adding the not so good
"features". You'll need a Windows ME CD-ROM and
download the Windows XP Service Pack 2
"redistributable" or "stand alone" installer. It's
huge, but handy to have on a CD-R for any XP box you
encounter that hasn't been updated. (Especially if it
only has a dialup connection!)

I'm going to try all that on my PII 300Mhz laptop that
only has a 6.4G hard drive and 128meg RAM.

It will be total Fandemonium!
August (Fri) 5th, (Sat) 6th & (Sun) 7th, 2005

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