The uninstall script is testing the OSX version.  You can modify it to
include the lion, or replace the Snow Leopard version (10) section by
Lion (11)

- Edit the script with
    sudo vi /Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/Support/uninstall-macfuse-
- Search for the version testing section
- In the Case section, replace 10 with 11  (sections cases look like
8* 9* 10*)
     Put the cursor on the zero
     type r
     type 1
- Save and exit
     type :
     type wq
     type the enter key
- Launch the script
     sudo /Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/Support/uninstall-macfuse-

This will not remove the preference pane icon, but you can achieve
this by just right-clik the icon it and select remove.

I hope this helps.  Sorry for such basic instructions, I just do not
know if you feel comfortable in vi usage.


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