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> I’ve identified all of my devices on my network in Who’s on my Wifi.
> I have one device I can’t identify. In safari I entered the ip address for my 
> router (ATT Uverse router).
> Searching through the router I found the Mac Address I can’t identify in 
> Who’s on my WiFi and it’s labeled “Local Host.
> Can someone please explain what this means?

On most operating systems localhost is the internal network address of the 
local computer. It usually lives at ip in IPv4 and ::1 in IPv6. Your 
router is probably running some form of Linux (most do), so you inherit the 
standard Linux localhost. (Actually, in IPv4, any address starting with 127 
will resolve to localhost.)

The localhost address is used internally by the operating system to talk to 
itself via what’s called the loopback interface.


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