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> Do you know why my Router’s Mac Address printed on the router ends in 9c but 
> in the App it says the last two digits are 9D?

Every network interface has its own MAC address. The address on the label is 
probably the WAN address and the address you’re seeing is the LAN address. The 
WAN (wide area network) address is the ethernet address seen by the outside 
world. The LAN (local area network) address is the one seen inside your house. 
There’s probably yet another LAN address because the router likely has both 
WiFi and Ethernet interfaces for the LAN.

Of course, it’s quite easy to change the advertised MAC address on most 
machines. For example on MacOS you can change it to whatever you want with the 
terminal command

sudo ifconfig en0 ether whatever

where ‘whatever’ is the address you want; e.g., 78:4f:63:12:34:56. This will 
stick until you either reboot or change it to something else. (The eth0 might 
be eth1, if you have a wired connection.)


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