To continue to get the current version I believe the annual fee is round $49.00 
but often they will knock $10.00 off that price…well worth it.


> On Feb 12, 2018, at 9:45 AM, Suzanne H Blake <> wrote:
> I’ve had trouble downloading.  When, 5/3 bank changed their web page, it took 
> Quicken 4 months to provide a way to get there.  
>  It assumes that every expenditure to a certain place is the same category.  
> It often chooses for me—wrong.  (For example, It see’s Baptist/Milestone and 
> assumes it’s a charity every month)
> I have different accounts on different versions, but don’t know how to get 
> them all together.  Some are on 15, some on 16-17.  I’m afraid to mess with 
> they latest.  (Maybe my computer is too old!!   MacBook Pro late 2011….I’d 
> spring for a new one if I weren’t moving shortly.  One thing at a time……
> I just got a new printer/copier/scanner & am actually wondering if I have 
> enough memory to install it.
> I”m not using it for tax categories only.  I have many categories of my own.  
>  A lot of the information is for my personal information, as in   Where am I 
> over-spending?  What am I neglecting?  Maybe the problem is my own ignorance 
> of what is exepected.    For example, I have a Health category which includes 
> medical bills & insurance, but also everything I spend connected to it, such 
> as the gym.  (Hearing aid batteries & burglar alarm are utillities.)
> As you can see, I have no financial background!
> Suzanne
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