I had changed where I supported the steppers to above the center of mass in 
this version.  
This change was generating ~1 kg of tension on my bowden tubes at the 
I believe this was enough to thwart my fine calibration attempts.  Moving 
it back.

On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 5:29:22 PM UTC-4, Daren Schwenke wrote:
> New printer.  Rock solid everything, optical end-stops, CRAMPS.
> I've been trying to dial it in for 2 days now, and keep screwing it up.
> So lets say I'm at the base of a tower, an Z +.05 would be 'level' at that 
> location, which way do I adjust HOME_OFFSET for that tower?
> Also, found this nice tool: 
> http://escher3d.com/pages/wizards/wizarddelta.php
> but mapping their x,y,z to my 0,1,2 fails.
> My tower position which gives correct direction of motion = 0 = back, 1 = 
> front left, 2 = front right.
> Looked at the existing guides by Bas and others, but the common sense to 
> figure this out is eluding me.  

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