On 10/14/2016 6:11 PM, Sag ich Dir nich wrote:
> Hi,
> i have some questions about the file
> from the "readtemp.py" file:
> # The BeBoPr board thermistor input has one side grounded and the other side

The BeBoPr is probably the most complex example to use as a reference,
since it has a more complicated input circuit than any of the other

Basically, you need to create a routine that converts a raw ADC value
into the resistance of your variable resistor.  How to do this depends
on how you have the resistor connected and the input circuitry (if
any) between the ADC and your variable resistor.

If you are using a standard board (BeBoPr or CRAMPS or whatever) you
can use the routine for that board to get a resistance value as long
as you haven't changed any of the input circuitry.

What you do with the resistance value from there on is up to you, you
can feed it directly into HAL as a value, convert it to a percentage,
apply a linear or log scale to the value (which might be needed to get
the response curve you want from various dial positions which again
will depend on the type of potentiometer you are using and the input

Charles Steinkuehler

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