On 10/18/2016 7:53 AM, Daniel Scheeren wrote:
> First I need say a big thank you for all work put in this project.
> I have been following the machinekit/mksocfpga project in github for a few 
> months. 
> Is the De0-Nano/7i77 ready to use yet or I must continue using my actual 
> option pc/5i25/7i77?
> Is there some image ready to test or I must build from source?

The DE0_Nano should be ready to use.  I was going to be using this
with a 7i76_7i85s for a controller, but am still using an x86 + 5i25
for non-technical reasons (I have a client interested in the setup I'm
working on, but they have no interest in the SoC platform).

Start with Michael's latest image and instructions on gist:



You'll probably want to switch to a package based install and grab the
latest packages + FPGA configuration files.

IIRC, the FPGA and u-Boot packages are being automatically generated
(just like the Machinekit packages), but there's not yet a continuous
integration setup for building the uSD images.

NOTE: If you're using a 7i77, there will need to be a new FPGA
configuration created.  I can easily create a new config, but need a
few more details:

* Are you using my DB25 adapter board or some other adapter?

* What do you want configured on the 4 DB25 ports:

  7i77 + ??? + ??? + ???

Charles Steinkuehler

website: http://www.machinekit.io blog: http://blog.machinekit.io github: 
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