Hi Aurelien,

> On 23 Feb 2018, at 02:12, Aurelien <golfop...@gmail.com> wrote:
> this message is sended by the driver i have found the output text error in 
> source code
>               xhc.hal = (xhc_hal_t *)hal_malloc(sizeof(xhc_hal_t));
>               if (xhc.hal == NULL) {
>                       fprintf(stderr, "%s: ERROR: unable to allocate HAL 
> shared memory\n", modname);
>                       exit(1);

Try this to see if you can get some info on why this happens.
Before you run Machinekit from terminal type:
export DEBUG=5

Then open /var/log/linuxcnc.log and see if you can find more info on the crash.

Please don't attach the log, but paste on pastebin.com 

The author opened some issues, that could be a starting point.
Issues 1254, 1255, 1256, 1257, 1266 and 1267


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