I'm getting back into Machinekit and am looking for recommendations for a 
configuration for use with the 3 axis MPCNC router. Most MPCNC builders use 
a RAMPS board and run either Marlin or GRBL. I have been using LinuxCNC but 
want to try something closer to the RAMPS configuration for another build. 
What I am hoping to get is a recommendation on a stable, not bleeding edge, 
configuration that is a typical Machinekit setup. I have in mind using a 
Beaglebone Black rev C, CRAMPS 2.2 and a recent release of Jessie. I get 
the impression that Stretch needs a bit more work to be considered stable. 
I'm not sure if I should use an HTML monitor or a remote configuration and 
would appreciate suggestions. I would consider other hardware 
configurations that can drive 5 nema17 steppers but I am looking for a 
mainstream solution. Also which is the better choice, the Xenomai or 
RT_PREEMPT real-time kernel? Sorry for lots of questions but hopefully this 
makes sense.

website: http://www.machinekit.io blog: http://blog.machinekit.io github: 
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