Hi MachineKit,

It's been almost 8 years since I used my pico systems univpwm system (5 
axis brushless servos). At the time I was in the process of rewriting Axis, 
that I found too monolithic to maintain or extend. I had a PyQt4 gui 
working, jogging, mdi-ing with a rather raw openGL display. I recently 
resurrected all this code and made it work with the latest linuxcnc 
version. Then I learned about the machinekit project, which I find 
fascinating. Especially the multicore effort and the more recent 
backend(hal)/frontend(not-hal) separation. Which leads to my questions:

What is the state of the ppmc driver in all this? anyone used it?

Is there an effort/interest in modernizing the front-end API?

Any interest in ROS, expecially ROS2?

At the present I use my machine as a robot to precisely move a sensor. I 
have years of experience in modern Python/C++/Qt/QML and lots of experience 
in real-time, math-heavy programming. I *may* find some time to contribute 
a bit to your project.


website: http://www.machinekit.io blog: http://blog.machinekit.io github: 
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