Yes, It looks like I'm getting closer to having a working configuration 
that is getting close to being suitable for further testing and development 

I did purchase a second Mesa 7i80 card and flashed it with my custom bit 
file so that I would not have to use the actual card and milling machine 
for some preliminary testing.
The machine itself uses and linuxcnc and gmocappy right now but both are 
planned to be switched out for Machinekit and my Labview based custom gui 
that I have partially completed. My next step will be to get the gui to 
interface with Machinekit via the network and hopefully be able to get 
status info to verify that the interface between Machinekit and my gui is 
working properly.  I'm thinking that the simulation that you suggested will 
work well for that.

Before proceeding further I do need to verify that I can control the 
milling machine properly with Machinekit with the machines own Mesa 7i80hd 
Ethernet card.

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