I think it's sorted now.

I did a dist-upgrade and I've got a comp command in the path now:
/usr/bin/comp, owned by the machinekit-xenomai package.  I'm not sure
what was wrong previously, but I think I got confused chasing the
red-herring of a missing machinekit-dev package which I didn't need,
when all I really needed was to update to the latest packages.


On 8/11/2018 6:34 AM, 'schoone...@btinternet.com' via Machinekit wrote:
> Just checked, the comp binary and includes etc are in the
> machinekit-<flavour package> not the main one.
> It was a while back, forgot which.
> The Makefile.inc etc are per flavour, to stop the problems we had with
> machinekit-dev always having a posix flavour
> because of the build setup for that package.
> On 11/08/18 12:22, Charles Steinkuehler wrote:
>> I've got the latest machinekit package installed, but I don't see a
>> comp command.  There's an instcomp binary, but it doesn't like the two
>> *.comp files I'm trying to compile, reporting:
>> machinekit@beaglebone:~/embedded/beaglebone$
>> EXTRA_LDFLAGS="-lprussdrv" instcomp --compile raster.comp
>> Error: Unrecognized file type for mode compile: 'raster.comp'
>> machinekit@beaglebone:~/embedded/beaglebone$ instcomp --compile
>> --userspace BBB_listener.comp
>> Error: Unrecognized file type for mode compile: 'BBB_listener.comp'
>> On 8/11/2018 1:10 AM, 'schoone...@btinternet.com' via Machinekit wrote:
>>> HI Charles
>>> Yes Comp, plus headers, Makefile.inc and everything else in the -dev
>>> package was moved into the main machinekit package some time ago.
>>> There are only four machinekit-dev packages left in the repo and they
>>> match the also deprecated wheezy and raspian packages in the repo,
>>> which are retained for completeness of support rather than
>>> usefullness.
>>> Regards
>>> On 8/10/2018 10:36 PM, Charles Steinkuehler wrote:
>>>> I'm trying to migrate to a fresh install on a BBB and am having
>>>> problems building some custom hal components.  The first problem is
>>>> the comp command is missing, so I figure I'll just install
>>>> machinekit-dev package.  But apt-get complains about broken packages
>>>> and how I need a different version of the machinekit package than I
>>>> have installed.
>>>> I checked on machienkit.io and machinekit-dev version is:
>>>> machinekit-dev_0.1.1498834902
>>>> ...while my installed machinekit package (and the most recent
>>>> available on machinekit.io) is:
>>>> machinekit/machinekit_0.1.1532446277
>>>> So...are the machinekit-dev packages broken, or did the comp utility
>>>> move somewhere else and machinekit-dev is now deprecated?

Charles Steinkuehler

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