> On Feb 8, 2018, at 11:47 PM, @lbutlr <krem...@kreme.com> wrote:
> On 08 Feb 2018, at 21:03, Macs R We <macs...@macsrwe.com> wrote:
>> Tonight, I plugged in my iPhone to the USB port and opened iPhoto to upload 
>> the photos.  iPhoto just says 
>> Apple iPhone
>> New Photos        loading…
>> forever, and nothing else.  I figure, maybe it's the big video jamming the 
>> pipe somehow.  
> iPhotos has not been updated in a long time and does not support the video 
> format from you iPhone. It also looks like your Mac needs to be updated to 
> the current version.
>> Things are pretty punk when Apple's software screws the pooch completely
> This is end-of-lifed software that has been replaced. It is unsupported. It 
> does not work properly. It should not be used. Any problems you have with 
> iPhoto are not Apple’s fault.

And when I have precisely the same problems with Image Capture, which is fully 
supported, they are indeed Apple's fault.

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