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I have a Perl 4.X script that runs using MacPerl in Classic on my G5
Mac but I can't get it to run using Perl in 10.4.11.

What do I need to do to make it run?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Upgrade it work with Perl 5.x ;)

That's the way to go. Seriously. See below.

Seriously, though: what errors are you seeing? Does it rely on any

There weren't modules in Perl 4. People wanting such things did things in their own mutually-incompatible ways with do(file), eval and such. (The way I did it with eval in one big application stopped working in Perl 5, which interpreted it as method invocation ...)

Perhaps more importantly: is it set to be executable on 10.x?
Remember that the permissions scheme is different on X, and if it was
set to run under MacPerl on Classic, it won't be executable by

Unfortunately, a *lot* has changed in the last 15 years (the last
perl4 release was in 1993), so I don't think anyone is going to be
able to give you a list of all the things that could be going wrong
off the tops of their heads.

There are about three pages on incompatibilities between Perl 4 and Perl 5 in "Programming Perl" (pages 590-593 in my 3rd edition).

For the hell of it, I just tried building perl-4.036 under Mac OS 10.5.2, as that might be one way round your problem. I didn't get far (about as far as makedepend). There are antiquarians who like doing this sort of thing (see <http://dev.perl.org/perl1/>), but I don't number myself among them ...
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