Hashing of tools by shells has not been mentioned. It may not be part of the 
problem but on invocation many, if not all, shells examine the $PATH variable 
and make a table of executables that it finds. The table is then converted to a 
hashed lookup array in order to improve speed of response. (That probably makes 
little sense today but it was started during the days of mag tape.)

So if you create a perl script, place it somewhere in $PATH, and set its 
execute permission a running shell will not find it. A full path, perhaps 
starting with the current directory " . " always works.

In tcsh the command to rework the hash of tools is "rehash". Restarting the 
shell with a new Terminal.app window will do pretty much the same thing.


Applescript syntax is like English spelling:
Roughly, though not thoroughly, thought through.

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