Actually, I have found out that when you configure CPAN, you can define a different "PREFIX" to a private library and it will not go into the main Perl library you are running.  The book "Object Oriented Perl" by Damian Conway mentioned this trick. Thank you for taking the time to even make a suggestion.

Tom Wyant wrote:
On Mar 19, 6:44 pm, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Michael Barto) wrote:
I have developed a Perl module in MacOSX using Arhive::Zip. This library
seems to be installed
in the Perl version on the Mac (Perl v5.8.8). In porting this program to a
Linux machine running Perl v5.8.5, Archive::Zip is missing. I do not
want to
install in this current Perl library by using CPAN. What I would like to
do is define my own library
and use "#!/usr/bin/perl -I <my library>" name.

I have download all the modules from CPAN I need:


Is there some easy way to make a library module using CPAN and not have
it get installed
in the existing Perl library but go somewhere else. Some option in CPAN
or something.

I don't know about doing this with a CPAN option, but a good starting
point for how to do it from hand-downloaded kits (or from CPAN>
look ... ) is the ExtUtils::MakeMaker FAQ, which you will find if you
go to and search for ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

Tom Wyant



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