Help!  me  a script for vm_stat

$ vm_stat
Mach Virtual Memory Statistics: (page size of 4096 bytes)
Pages free:                   248491.
Pages active:                 345632.
Pages inactive:               306207.
Pages wired down:             146885.
"Translation faults":      598998500.
Pages copy-on-write:        42312589.
Pages zero filled:         293975670.
Pages reactivated:             64106.
Pageins:                      243273.
Pageouts:                      84934.
Object cache: 15930737 hits of 16092223 lookups (98% hit rate)

Like this:
$perl script.pl
Pages free:248491 Pages active: 345632 Pages inactive: 306207 Pages
wired down:146885 "Translation faults": 598998500 Pages copy-on-write:
42312589 Pages zero filled: 64106 Pages reactivated:64106 Pageins:
243273 Pageouts: 84934 Object cache:15930737

I would like to use it in cacti graph:
It is built using 4 script, but it is expensive.
Need a single script, and that he had issued all the values at once.

Thank you in advance!


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