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Another curiosity. I just checked out the Perl5.8.8 files in /usr/ bin and /opt/local/bin. The /usr/bin one came with Leopard, which I bought from Apple a week or so ago. It was created on Dec 7, 2007, and it weighs 48 KB. The MacPorts perl was created on Sep 5, 2008, and weighs 1.1 MB. Why, I
wonder, should one Perl5.8.8 be 25 times as big as another?

MacPorts' perl is probably built with a static libperl. Apple's is built
with a dynamic libperl.

Would this mean that one version is 'faster' than the other?

Apple has build-time information from building the entire OS that allows them to use prebinding on their libperl. That made a big difference on pre-Tiger releases, where non-prebound dynamic libraries carried a hefty performance penalty. Since most of us don't have the info that Apple has, Perl defaults to building a static libperl on Darwin. Apple overrides the default with "-Duseshrplib" for their build.

In Tiger and newer, the dynamic loader is much improved and the reliance on prebinding eliminated. But Perl still defaults to building a static libperl, basically out of inertia.


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