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>I have Perl 5.8.8 installed by MacPorts and a CPAN install of 5.10.1.
>Is there a simple way switch between them hopefully from the Terminal,
>so I can use 5.10.1 when using get_iplayer and 5.8.8 for other programs.

You must have links and aliases to perl that are making life difficult.

Copy the first 5 lines of the get_iplayer script and post them. I'm 
particularly interested in a line, probably the first, that is something like:


Copy and paste some of the Terminal lines you have used with the error messages 
included and post them too. Is it just


Or have you tried things like:
/usr/local/bin/perl   -w   get_iplayer
/usr/local/bin/perl5.10.1   -w   get_iplayer

Do a Finder "get info" on /usr/bin/perl and post what it says.

In terminal, do these:

ls -lF /usr/bin/perl*
  and post the answer.

file /usr/bin/perl
  and post the answer.

and . . .
seems to have acquired a space. in the middle of the line. That has to be an 
e-mail problem.  Sigh.

You can make a Finder alias or a UNIX link to the full path to the perl you 
want to use. Call it myperl and make it executable.  man ln in Terminal for 
more on that.

myperl get_iplayer

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