Unless that has changed, but downloading the SDK is free.  If you want to run 
your apps in an iP*, you need to pay the 99$ yearly fee to get the right 
certificates.  As long as you're happy running in the simulator, you should be 
fine, AFAIK.

On Feb 22, 2010, at 11:16 PM, Celeste Suliin Burris wrote:
> Thanks for the info - I was interested in iPad apps, but put off by the $99 
> just to download and look over the SDK.
> A web app sounds better - you wouldn't have to write a different one for 
> every smartphone.
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>> From: Bill Stephenson <bi...@ezinvoice.com>
>> Sent: Feb 21, 2010 4:19 PM
>> To: Perl MacOSX <macosx@perl.org>
>> Subject: Web Apps
>> I started playing with iPhone/iTouch/iPad "web apps" just last week.
>> http://developer.apple.com/safari/library/navigation/ 
>> index.html#section=Resource%20Types&topic=Coding%20How-Tos
>> Apple has made it incredibly easy to create a web app that runs exactly  
>> like a native app on these devices.
>> Of course, perl is a perfect server side language to power these apps,  
>> and BBEdit and Perl on a Mac make the perfect IDE to create these web  
>> apps.
>> While poking around there I also found out that Safari on the Mac OS  
>> also provides some big enhancements for web based apps now too. Check  
>> this out:
>> "Safari on iPhone, Mac OS X, and Windows all implement the Offline Web  
>> Applications feature of HTML5. This feature allows you to cache all of  
>> the resource files for your web application on the client, improving  
>> the load time of your application and making it possible to create an  
>> application which is fully functional even when there is no network  
>> connection."
>> (source:  
>> http://developer.apple.com/safari/library/codinghowtos/Desktop/ 
>> DataManagement/index.html)
>> This is actually fulfilling a vision I expressed right here waaay back  
>> in 2005:
>> http://www.mail-archive.com/macosx@perl.org/msg08946.html
>> Geez, It's like they've been working all this time for me entirely for  
>> free ;)
>> Seriously, according to the news this week it now looks like most all  
>> "Smart Phone" makers will adapt a similar, if not the same, approach to  
>> web based apps that run on these devices.
>> Think about it, Apple knows that laptops and desktops need to be able  
>> to run these same applications because it provides a fast and  
>> inexpensive way for developers to integrate the use of these  
>> applications with these different devices. Users want that, and they  
>> want them to "Feel" like a native application too. Apple is essentially  
>> giving them that.
>> So, looking forward it's easy to imagine that many "Native" apps will  
>> really be "Web Apps". The client side will contain the necessary tools  
>> to run them. Updates and upgrades happen "at the atomic level" on the  
>> server side and are instant and seamless and distributed as soon as the  
>> software is accessed. (that's something I learned right here ;)
>> The advantages to developers both small and large are huge. I now  
>> believe this is exactly where Apple is heading and as you can imagine,  
>> I'm absolutely thrilled about it :)
>> --
>> Bill Stephenson

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