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Try using the pbcopy and pbpaste UNIX tools provided with Mac OS neXt or 
perhaps Open BSD,

You can "shell out" using a line like this

$theclipboard = `pbpaste`;

man pbcopy or man pbpaste in for more.

At 21:54 -0700 5/9/10, Spencer Chase wrote:
>sorry for posting to a bunch of lists, some of which i may not be
>subscribed to. please write to me directly since i forget which lists
>i am receiving.
>i have spent the entire day trying to figure out how to copy to the
>system clipboard on the Mac OSX (darwin) non of the CPAN modules seems
>to work for darwin. i have tried clipboard which is supposed to work
>with most OSs but i get all sorts of errors that i have not been able
>to resolve in hours and hours of attempts. i am just trying to use the
>example code in the clipboard module which works fine for win32 but
>nothing i can modify in the module gets it to work on Mac OSX.
>i have also tried mac pasteboard but there is not PPM for it and i
>could not get it installed myself.
>anything else that might work? i am using TKx and need to copy from an
>entry widget to other applications. no problems copying and pasting
>with the app, it is the system clipboard that i need to copy to.
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