I'm running into some problems compiling Perl 5.10.1 on a clean
install of OS X 10.7 (Darwin 11), Xcode 4.1 (though the problem is
affecting any version of perl I try to build).

Configure -d does not find the prototypes for gethostent and
shmatprototype. In the case of gethostent, it looks like configure is
finds netdb.h but the call to $hasproto is fails. Some of the relevant
output from Configure:

    gethostbyaddr() found.
    gethostbyname() found.
    gethostent() found.
    gethostname() found.
    uname() found.

    Every now and then someone has a gethostname() that lies about the
    but can't be fixed for political or economic reasons.  If you
wish, I can
    pretend gethostname() isn't there and maybe compute hostname at
    thanks to the 'hostname' command.

    Shall I ignore gethostname() from now on? [n]

    gethostbyaddr_r() NOT found.
    gethostbyname_r() NOT found.
    gethostent_r() NOT found.
    gethostent() prototype NOT found.

    shmctl() found.
    shmget() found.
    shmat() found.
    and it returns (void *).
    Hmm.  Based on the hints in hints/darwin.sh,
    the recommended value for $d_shmatprototype on this machine was
        Keep the recommended value? [y]

    shmdt() found.

I can get perl to compile by setting these 2 to 'define' in config.sh
but one of the locale test cases fails, or so it seems:

    # The following locales

    <snip locale list>

    # tested okay.
    # None of your locales were broken.
locale.t ..................................................
    Failed 1/117 subtests

    And, in the test summary:

    Test Summary Report
(Wstat: 0 Tests: 66 Failed: 0)
      TODO passed:   11
(Wstat: 0 Tests: 117 Failed: 1)
      Failed test:  99
    Files=1711, Tests=227037, 585 wallclock secs (32.87 usr 11.05 sys
+ 281.40 cusr 55.22 csys = 380.54 CPU)
    Result: FAIL
    Failed 1/1711 test programs. 1/227037 subtests failed

I never had these problems on 10.5 or 10.6 so I assume it's a 10.7
thing. Has anyone been able to successfully compile Perl on 10.7?

On a possibly related note Configure -d outputs the following message:
egrep: conflicting matchers specified

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