Hi All.

I am using Perl5.12 under Lion. I am finding that I cannot install term::screen 
or Cursres. I get a pile of compiling errors.

So what modules should I use to clear the screen in Perl under MAC Lion?

On this topic. I am trying to build a menu. I was wondering how difficult is it 
to create a very simple GUI interface? Can you access the Xcode libraries do do 

I am fairly new to Perl and want to expand my knowledge/skill. I have created a 
very simple database. The interface has up to 4 levels of menus. Such as:

Main menu 
-- Insert records
|- transaction menu -- select month -- display result.
|-- budget report menu -- display result
|-- create and update categories.

My current menu is very basic. Any tips on making this a GUI or better Text 
menu I would be greatful. The biggest challenge is that I have to make it 
accessible for the user who is going to use the program. They are blind and use 
voice-over. They cannot use other MAC accounting apps because they are not 


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