>>>>> "Eberhard" == Eberhard W Lisse <nos...@lisse.na> writes:

Eberhard> I beg to differ, if one writes Perl code (and even if one only
Eberhard> dabbles like the elderly Gynaecologist writing this) one can figure 
Eberhard> how to set up and run mysql, which in my case involves fink or even
Eberhard> PostgreSQL which now comes with Lion.

Eberhard> SQLite has its moments but if there ever is a need to upgrade to a
Eberhard> proper multi-user environment it may come back to bite me.

The problem is not knowledge of how to set up MySQL, but that MySQL is
not the the thing to set up.

At a minimum, if you need MySQL, install MariaDB.
If you need an actual database, consider whether SQLite will do, or
whether you need more power, in which case, install PostgreSQL.

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